AzureFilm 3D Design Challenge


Design a 3D product which will be used as a presentational 3D printed subject for AzureFilm 3D filaments. We want you to be as creative as possible and design a 3D model which has a great appearance and would be exhibiting features of our filaments where we could show: overhangs, stringing, possiblity of printing in certain angles without supports. We believe our community can produce something interesting and we are ready to find out what kind of design will win. Think of a design that would be presented as a maskot like a fictional character with integrated features stated above. Do NOT provide technical drawings but a simple figure that can be easily printed and could also be presented as a toy.


There are 3 Winners of this challenge
(We are shipping worldwide*)

1. Prize: 15 spools of any Special filaments from website
2. Prize: 10 spools of any PLA Original filaments from website
3. Prize winner is eligible to 5 spools of any PLA Original filaments from website



All designs will be posted on our webpage and will have options to vote for them.

STEP 1: Design your 3D model

STEP 2: Submit picture of the 3D model you created by sending an email to with a subject: 3D Design Challenge

STEP 3: We will post all designs to all of our social media, and make them available for likes/votes on our webpage

STEP 4: Vote buttons will be available after designs have been submitted

STEP 5: Likes (The public vote) will count for 50% of the overall ratings. The rest 50% will be choosen by AzureFilm team and together we will decide who wins the challenge.


Important: What we are searching for is a maskot like character or design that is going to represent AzureFilm 3D filaments and show off different features of the filament, it does not need to include all of the above stated (overhangs, stringing, possiblity of printing in certain angles without supports), it just needs to look awesome and have presentable appearance. We are NOT searching for technical design with

CONTEST PERIOD EXTENDED: Since there has been requests to finish off some characters we are extending competition untill 25.07.2019

CONTEST PERIOD: The Contest will begin on Monday, June 17, 2019 and end on Friday, July 12, 2019, at 11:59 PM CET (the “Contest Period ”). All entries must be received no later than July 12, 2019, at 11:59 PM CET.

By participating you agree with our Contest Terms and Conditions