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3D Pen

Reviews (2)

3D Pen

Reviews (2)
Suitable for home-made creation;  Heating tempreature: 160- 210°C Power input: 12V 3A
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Manufacturer Part No: AZPEN1-M
Net weight: 1350g
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Product Description

Suitable for home-made creation; 

  • Heating tempreature: 160- 210°C
  • Power input: 12V 3A

Have you ever thought of drawing realistic three-dimensional objects in the air? A fun 3D pen used with 3D filament to create 3D objects at home. Suitable for children, teenagers, architects or anyone who wants to make 3D drawings at a really low cost. 3D pen is the latest technology in 3D printing to offer endless possibilities for creation. Since it's using the same technology as 3D printer, we can use it with normal 3D filaments. This type of technology enables 3D printing with a simple writing process, which is especially suitable for home-made creation of different types of products. It can be used with 3D filaments of different colors primarily made out of PLA materials for easier usage. We are offering 3D Pen and drawing filaments at the best prices. 3D Pen is available in three different colors: Blue, Yellow, and Pink.

3D Pen Details:

  • Output material type: Fused deposition modeling
  • Molding method: 3D modeling
  • Printing area: Unlimited
  • Sprinkle speed: Adjustable
  • Heating temperature: 160°C – 230°C
  • Power input: 12V 3A
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 – 0.7mm

IMPORTANT: When choosing filaments (fillers), the diameter must be 1.75 mm, and the type of filament must be PLA or SILK. After use, ALWAYS pull the filament out of the 3D pen to prevent it from drying out and hardening.

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