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AzureFilm Rewards You For Returning Your Empty 3D Filament Spools

04. 05. 2021.

For quiet some time people are contacting us about what to do with empty 3d filaments spools. Once you fall in love with 3d printing it will not take long untill your room is full of them. Many just throw them in the bin where it goes to huge plastic landfills. These plastics dumps expand each day as more trash comes in and continues to take up space. Sometimes they end up in rivers which flow to the ocean. There it pollutes environment and living beings which we later get on our eating plates.

That is why we would like to take different approach to this matter. At AzureFilm we REWARD you, when you decide to return empty 3d filament spools back to us. *Only empty spools from AzuerFilm brand will count since our plastic spools are made out of specific plastic materials.

  • Return 10 empty spools of 1Kg Filaments and we will give you 1kg FREE filament spool of PETG filament (*Any color of you choice).

We believe this is mutual benefit for our consumers and us as producers. We will recycle material and re-use it in our future production.

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