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Why is Ender 3 V2 the most popular 3D printer right now?

    A few years ago, 3D printers were costly machines designed mostly for big corporations and factories, but now, they are affordable and viable devices intended for engineers, designers, and hobbyists. However, there is a huge range of printer brands, and it is not easy...

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3D printing Carbon Fiber Filament

From a lightbulb to space rockets, carbon fibers are taking over and replacing steel and metal parts in various industries. Why? Well, Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and at the same time lighter. These characteristics make carbon fiber suitable for applications that depend...

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Best Filament Choice for 3D Printed Lithophanes

As you convert lovely photographs into enticing 3D objects or 3D images, it helps in adding an all-new dimension to the image. There are several methods to achieve the same result. Out of these methods are lithophanes, which deliver a convenient way of enhancing your favorite photographs...

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Creality Cr-10 3d Printer Review   The Creality CR-10 design of printers is so stylish and sophisticated that most of the other printers in the market are following their designs. From their colors, designs and even the performance, the printers made rank on the top. For an...

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Mega Black Friday discounts at AzureFilm

Black Friday only comes once a year, and when it does we like to make you feel it was worth waiting for. This year's Black Friday sale starts on November 16th and lasts until November 30th. You definitely don't want to miss our biggest shopping event of the year! ...

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AzureFilm Company's most recent UPDATES, including COVID-19 & New Website

Date: 21.4.2020 - NEWEST UPDATE - MUST READ After a long hard-working 4 months, we are excited to offically announce the launch of our new website. We are still in process of solving minor issues on the website, and adding new functionalities for distributors. Our goal with...

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Best 3D Printer under 500$ to fit your Budget - Full Review April 2020

If you are looking for Best 3D printer under 500 $ to fit your budget you came on the right article. This is very searched topic at this moment, since there is dozens of cheap 3D printers out there with new ones coming on the market every single day. Technology has not advanced so much...

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What Is 3D Printing And How Does It Work?

What is 3D Printing and how does 3D FDM Printer Work? 3D printing also referred to as additive manufacturing is a process of turning a digital three-dimensional object into a physical design through a consecutive layer series. Basically, all 3D printing technologies operate under...

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Which Are Most Common 3D Printing Problems?

3D printing is amazing and no doubt 3D printer produce incredible models. However, there are those frustrating moments when unexpected challenges come up making printing unsuccessful. Some of these problems do not cause immediate alteration to the printing process and therefore not quick to...

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How to choose the right 3D Printer Filament?

How to choose the right 3D Printer Filament? In 3D printing, filaments are crucial and as such, it is important to have an insight of how one filament differs from another. These filaments vary in size, shape, color, texture, style, and material. The choice of a filament should be...

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