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Modix BIG 60 V3 review

In the last couple of years, the prices of FDM printers have been going down. 10 years ago it was almost impossible for small businesses to buy a large-format 3D printer with great quality prints. Now, things have changed and almost anybody can start with 3d printing large objects....

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How to choose the right 3D Printer Filament?

In 3D printing, filaments are crucial and as such, it is important to have an insight into how one filament differs from another. These filaments vary in size, shape, color, texture, style, and material. The choice of a filament should be dependent on the intended purpose of the object....

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Creality Sermoon D1 review

Sermoon D1 is an enclosed printer with a modern design. It comes with a filament sensor, a silent mainboard, an all-metal direct drive extruder, a 4.3-inch touchscreen, a dual Z axis screw and much more. All these make Sermoon D1 an industrial-grade printer. So why should you get...

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How to choose the right 3D printer - 3D printer buying guide

3D printing technology is getting popular all over the world for making life tasks easier and creating helpful gadgets in many areas. Besides representing a powerful technology with a promising future, it is also helping companies save a lot of money. We used to associate 3D...

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6 Things You Should Know Before Buying a 3D Printer

When you learn about the many functions a 3D printer can perform, you can get pretty excited about getting one. 3D printers are fancy because of the many models you can get to print with them; figurines, smartphone cases, and an endless list of things. There are...

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How to print flexible filaments

TPU filaments are essentially plastics with rubber-like qualities, making them extremely flexible and durable. Flexible filaments are commonly used to produce household appliances, toys, phone cases, wearables like wristbands, automotive parts, and medical supplies. If you...

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Best Easter 3D prints

Easter is a great time to show off your 3D models of bunnies, Easter eggs, and unique 3D decorations. If you have a 3D printer for a long time or if you have just bought it, now is a great opportunity to show your 3D knowledge and create the most beautiful Easter decorations. You can...

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Creality dry box- Why do you need a filament dryer?

How many times did you feel disappointed with the quality of your print? It’s not enough to buy a high-quality 3D printer because other variables deteriorate the printing quality too. Moisture is one of those variables that can ruin print quality. If we see the formation of...

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Useful things to 3D print

As more people become familiar with the technology of 3D printing, we decided to present you the coolest 3D printed gadgets and most useful 3D prints you can get for free.  3D printing has become very useful in many aspects of our life. There are already a lot of job offers that...

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Creality Cloud App - Do I really need it?

Anyone who has a 3D printer at home has hear of Creality - the biggest manufacturer of 3D printers that are capable and affordable. We all know what a huge success the Ender 3 series was and still is, how the CR series became extremely popular for makers who were looking for...

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3D Scanner CR-Scan 01 VS CR-Scan Lizard

3D printing has made a pretty significant place in various industries. From medical use to construction applications, 3D printing is proving to be one of the best options to go for, but before the beginning of any of these projects, 3D scanning is critical for any three-dimensional...

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THE NEW ENDER-3 S1 PRO - All you need to know

Ender 3 series has done great in the market since it’s the most popular customer choice when it comes to Creality printers. Creality launched Ender 3 S1 last year which was a game-changer. Whatever improvement people wanted, it was given in Creality Ender 3 S1. Now, guess what, Creality...

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CR-10 SMART PRO REVIEW - Is it really that smart?

Honestly, 3D printing never sounded so easy. The new Creality CR-10 SMART PRO is a true winner and it definitely deserves to be called smart. You can practically print from your couch via your mobile phone. You just need to download the Creality Cloud APP, choose the STL file you would...

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How many of you wished that Ender 3 series could print flexible filaments? How many of you wished to have an Ender 3 printer with automatic bed leveling? Creality has finally heard us and made Ender 3 S1 , which gives us a direct drive extruder, a new bed platform, and CR touch for...

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AzureFilm NEW Filament Spool

AzureFilm is starting new year with a bang! With the beginning of new year 2022 we would like to introduce to you our brand new spool design. At AzureFilm we are very proud of our R&D department skills. We have successfully developed an injection molding...

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How to install Micro Swiss direct drive to Ender 3 V2

One of the most important parts of any 3D printer is the extruder. The extruder is the pushing force behind the printing process, so it’s important that you simply understand how it works and how you will be able to optimize it. Its job is to push the printing filament through to the...

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