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18. 04. 2021.

Creality Cr-10 3d Printer Review  

The Creality CR-10 design of printers is so stylish and sophisticated that most of the other printers in the market are following their designs. From their colors, designs and even the performance, the printers made rank on the top.

For an in-depth understanding of the CR-10 3d printer, we have compiled this review based on hours of our own testing as well as feedback of many our customers who tested this 3D printer with Azure Film 3D filaments as well as many others available on the market. We will briefly guide you through experience from unboxing to what is like owning one of CR-10 3d printer.

In this Creality CR-10 review, we have to focus on the basics about the printer and its origin. To begin with, this printer originates from a Chinese firm, Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology. The company was founded in 2014 and has been in the printers’ niche for a while now.

Before the inception of the CR-10 printer, there were predecessor models which included the CR-7 and CR-8 models. The CR-10 model is not so different from its predecessors save for a few features.


Why would you buy Creality 3D Printer in AzureFilm online store and not elsewhere?
1. Get a FREE kit next to the printer: 1x backup print head, timing belt, extra teflon tube and accessories.
2. Our support 8 / 24h Monday - Friday
3. Discounts on all our filaments produced in Slovenia.
4. 1 Year of warranty + Service and spare parts.
5. The 3D printer is open source and you can print different filaments, you are not limited. Some 3D printers have a closed cartridge system that may becomes very expensive.
6. Creality CR-10 and CR-10S are one of the best printers in their price range, print size and print quality. This is many times confirmed by the largest forums in the 3D Printing industry and the big Facebook groups.

Unboxing and Set Up

In this Creality CR-10 review, we also took the time to look at how one can unbox the printer and set it up. The packaging of this aluminum 3d printer is first of all very neat and organized. Unlike some other manufacturers who just put gadgets without proper packaging, there is a difference in the CR-10 3D printer.

The printer packaging is also quite easy to open and did not give us a hard time to unbox it. 3D printer comes with a set of instructions to guide the user in its operation. This makes it easy and convenient for first-time users to use the printer.

The instructions, however, can be a bit challenging to those who do not know the terminologies used. Therefore if not clear you can refer to other sets of instructions that are online. But if you have some experience using 3D printers, this can be a walk in the park for you from other people testimonies even those who never had 3D printing experiences does not have problem setting up printer in 30mins time.


You can see the assembly process in the video below.

The CR-10 is an aluminum 3d printer and is one of those  3d printers present, with an easy setup procedure. The easiest part of the set-up procedure is the cabling. The printer comes with an organized control box cabling which gives it’s user less challenge to put together. The male-female connectors are tidy and well put with their screws.

Generally, the set-up of this printer is not hard and thus can just be done without the use of help from a professional. In case you are unable to do so, you can seek help from Azure Film support team contact here.



The Creality CR-10 printer is one of the best 3D printers in the market right now. This is due to its effectiveness, functionality very solid aluminum frame and when first used you can immediately see that everything on this 3d printer seems solid and firm. In addition to this, it is competitively priced when compared to other 3D printers in the market.

The CR-10 3d printer offers a wide range of services to the user including a large print volume. If your need and your interest are in the 3D printing niche and you are looking for an affordable option, then we can assure you that the Creality CR-10 is a great choice.

The CR-10 is generally a great printer this is confirmed by hundreds of our customers who bought printer from us, check newest price here. Save for just a few issues that we may have encountered with it. Some of these issues are not major ones but worth to know anyway.

 For instance, switching between filaments with this printer can pose some challenge to the user (not with every printer though). Plus some of the materials that we tried out on the printer were a bit of a hitch to use. For instance, customers feedback was that ABS materials can be a challenge using on the printer sometimes, according to testing, best ABS they could print without any problems was AzureFilm 3D High Quality ABS.

Aside from these few challenges with the printer, the CR-10 is undoubtedly a high performing and efficient 3D printer.


The design of any product is one very important factor that needs to be considered. Subsequently, the design of the CR-10 3D printer is important to look. We took a look at the design of this printer and found out a few things about it which helped us come up with the Creality CR-10 review.

The very first thing we looked at is the appearance of the printer. The printer has a sleek and sophisticated look that is sure to appeal to most users. The printer looks slim even though it can print big stuff. Its size doesn’t affect the efficiency in any way.

The printer occupies a good amount of space and thus would need you to place it on a not so congested area. You would also need to consider its fragility when handling since it has some parts that need to be taken care of.                                                                                                                              

The printer comes with a coated aluminum back that has rails. This aluminum 3d printer has a plain 300x300mm glass print bed. In addition to this, the printer also has a control box which comes with a filament holder.


The software that is used in this printer is available for free as opposed to some of the most expensive 3d printer variants. There are numerous software types out there to use but the one used in this 3D printer under 500$ is still convenient. The good thing about this is that you are the one to choose what type of software to use and just how you can use it.

The CR-10 printer is an open-ended kind of printer which can work with most software unlike some of the printers which require dedicated software to work with. In this case, you can choose to use software such as Cura, OctoPrint, Repetier-Host, TinkerCad, SketchUp, FreeCad, KISSlicer (All are FREE to download and use) which we tested and found to be quite effective.


We have come up with this 3d printer buying guide specifically because of the printing capabilities of this printer. One of the best parts about this printer is the amount of time that it can stay active. The printer can stay up to 200 hours printing thus being effective for printing commercial items.

If you are looking for an industrial 3d printer, then this variant may not be effective for you even though it works just fine. After all, it has a large print area that still would work and deliver on your print needs. You can however get industrial versions of printers if your need is in that niche.

The printer has an auto-home feature that gets it to the home position after the print job is complete. This feature makes it convenient for use. This automation makes it easy for a new job to begin after the initial one has been completed.

Creality CR-10 could be put in large 3d printer category since you can print up to 400mm which is one of the largest print area among budget 3d printers. This means that you get efficiency at a budget friendly price-point.

We could argue that printer has some disadvantages (it varies from printer to printer) but for this cheap of a price you can’t expect everything to be perfect. If we take in consideration how much materials you can print with this printer, quality at which you can print, the price you can get it for it is the fact that from all 3D printers currently available on the market, Creality CR-10 is giving the least of problem and is the easiest to operate with, thus making it best 3d printer under 500$  you could purchase at this moment.

 We have placed the CR-10 printer under the best budget 3d printer category simply because it has an affordable price for its printing capabilities. You will therefore get value for your money and a pretty decent print job for every work you have.

Creality CR-10 3D printer - filament

The heated print head is made of molten plastic. As such, it is sturdy and secured with a strong spring that ensures the filament does not skip. In addition to the standard PLA, the CR-10 3D printer is also equipped to efficiently print a wide range of materials, including TPU, ABS, wood, PETG and others. Check out all the AzureFilm 3D printing threads here.

Unlike its upgraded brother Creality CR-10S, the CR-10 is not equipped with a sensor that detect the consumption of filament. This unit ensures that in the event of a broken filament or when it runs out, the entire device stops working. This way, you don't have to keep an eye on the print run even during long print jobs.

Hackability and Mods

The adjustability of a printer is an important feature it should have. Every printer has provisions to adjust its functions in a bid to enhance user preference and machine performance. Here we looked at how you can achieve this using the cr-10 printer. In this 3d printer, buyers guide you will get to see how you can adjust the printer to suit you.

Well in a bid to improve the functionality of the printer, a few mods need to be set. For instance, the heated bed can be relieved from too much heat so that the performance can improve over long periods of time. The print bed is made of aluminum and has a heat sensor that regulates the temperature. This prevents it from overheating.

It can ensure any tension that results during the usage of the printer are reduced or gotten rid of. There are different types of belt tensioners that you can use for the CR-10 printer.

Another adjustment that can be made is changing the glass bed to a borosilicate glass or mirror. This would improve the rate at which the printer gains heat during use, since the rate of heat absorption is generally low.


Creality CR-10 vs. CR-10s

When comparing the Creality CR-10 vs. CR-10s printers, we took time to look at both the two versions and analyze strengths and weaknesses. First and foremost both of these two you can get for the under 500$. Check them all in this best 3d printer under 500$ article.

Both of the printers are easy to assemble in less than 20 minutes. Many people would prefer printers that are easy to put together rather than those that would take a lot of time and skill. Creality has made the assembly process easier for its users which is an advantage when compared to some of the other cheap 3d printers present in the market.

Both of these two printers can be used with the Cura software or just any other free software you can find out there, with some you can effectively design and print 3D items as per your requirements. The design of both these printers can be seen as similar since they both follow a T kind of design. The print area is same, which is quiet large when comparing it to other printers on the market. Both in their design make it easy to remove the prints from the print bed easily.

The biggest difference between CR-10 and CR-10S is additional motor for the Z-axis which comes very in handy with the higher 3d print models since additional motor provides higher accuracy and more stability for the print head. Instead of being pushed from only one side of the aluminium frame, motors will push the print head from both sides. Additionally  they have added filament sensor which comes very in handy when you are 3d printing with spools that have few more meters of 3d printing filament on them. The sensor will automatically recognize filament is gone and the 3d printer will stop. After that you can simply add new spool of 3d printer filament and continue 3d printing from where the print job was stopped.

When it comes to assembly, both the two models are easy to set up and put together even without the manual. However, in the case that you are challenged to set up, you can use the set of instructions that are in the packaging, you can refer online aswell or you can contact AzureFilm support team here.

The printers generally don’t have as many parts as they are made up of just four components. First of all, you have the control box, the upper and lower frame adjustments and a small box that has all of the remaining bits of the printer.

During the assembly process of both two printers, you should ensure that the X-axis is adjusted evenly as this will determine how the printer works. This is done in such a way, that the print bed moves smoothly without shaking so much.

The cr-10s has a large size and print volume which ensures that you can use it for a big workload. This is especially convenient for users with large printing needs since you can get all of them done much faster with this printer.

In other words you can basically make your own cheap 3d printer kit , using a DIY procedure that is easy to follow. It can also be a great way to learn how the printer works. Putting together your own machine makes you get to know features about it and how to use it more effectively. Assembly times would vary depending on the kit. It doesn’t take long to build your own 3d printer using the best 3d printer kit.

The cr-10s has the functionality of swapping nozzles, unlike the CR-10 which is a great advantage on its side. One other advancement of the CR-10s is that it can send diagnostics especially if the filament or any other sensitive part has a problem.

This is something that the CR-10 lacks and is quite important for the user. The filament is one thing that is quite vulnerable to running out mostly when the printer performs a lot of print jobs.

Another thing to observe on the CR-10s is that its motherboard can be flashed and is easy to customize. In addition, it is also upgradable. These are a few of the things to note about the two printer variants.


Creality CR-10 vs. CR-10 mini

When comparing the Creality CR-10 vs. CR-10 mini, we also took the time to look at the features of both the printer models. The CR-10 has greater performance than the mini version. To begin with, the plate is larger thus providing a larger print area and volume. It also comes with a bootloader that easily allows the user to upgrade the software present.

The amount of functional or standby time for the CR-10 is also longer than that of the mini version which is considerably shorter. The CR-10 mini can generally be used domestically while the CR-10 model is generally industrial or large scale.

When it comes to pricing, the CR-10 mini can be termed to be the best 3d printer under 300$. But when compared to the value from the cr-10, which is slightly higher in pricing, the CR-10 mini is in a little disadvantage with the print size, it is definitely worth buying CR-10 or CR-10S since you will have much more options with different print sizes. CR-10 mini printer can be considered the best 3d printer for kids.


Creality printers have generally gained market strength due to the features that they have and quality in service. Therefore according to us, we can conclude that you will get value for money when you choose on of these 3d printers.

If you think there are some additional choices you would wish us to review write us an email to

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