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Flashforge Creator 4

02. 09. 2022

FlashForge has always been popular among 3D printer fanatics. It is also among those leading brands that dominate the professional market of industrial printers. The previously released version, FlashForge creator 3 was a big success in its professional and commercial fleet. To increase this success ten-fold FlashForge recently released their new addition- FlashForge creator 4. The latest addition is in high demand as soon as it reached the market.

FlashForge Creator 4 is a combination of flexibility, smoothness, and top-tier performance and functionality. It’s built to satisfy a great number of prototyping applications. It is admired for its multitude of use-end applications too. We have been waiting to review it as soon as the FlashForge creator 4 release date was announced.

Let’s find out what FlashForge creator 4 has in store for its huge consumer base. This is a FlashForge creator 4 review that aims to inform the readers about this professional FDM 3D printer’s appealing features.

FlashForge Creator 4 Technical Information at a glance

The following information would be beneficial for readers who are planning on buying this professional printing machine, especially since there are 3 versions of the Creator 4.

FlashForge Creator 4 Features

The manufacturers of FlashForge Creator 4 designed it to be a professional-grade FDM 3D printer. It aimed to provide its consumers with a large print volume. It was built in a fashion that can print with materials like ABS, TPU, and many more. Now, let’s get to the core features of this professional 3d printer.

Big print size

3D printers made for commercial and professional use need to have a large print volume. Keeping that in mind the creator 4 can do just that. Another amazing thing about this printer is that it takes relatively small space. Its build column is 400 x 350 x 500mm which makes it storage-friendly. But don’t mistake it to perform any less because of its size. It can go head-on against any 3D printing built for professional use. You can produce in a single print industrial-scale part. Thus, it is suitable for professional use. And that’s possible because of the 500mm Z-axis.

Extruder Types

The most exciting aspect of FlashForge Creator 4 is not one or two but three extruders. Each of them is different. Although FlashForge creator 4 is a dual-extruder 3D printer, you can use  two separate extruders simultaneously.

Its smart design doesn’t let the inactive extruder mess the model mid-print. The Independent Dual Extruder system is why it cannot happen. Thus, the active extruders can do their job with ease. This is how it avoids unnecessary filament dripping, a potential cause for spoiling model mid-print.  It can be used for large production too. All you have to do is utilize both extruders together. Hence you get to print batches of the 3D model. It's easy, time-efficient, and smart. 

As mentioned before, FlashForge creator 4 includes 3 extruders and each one is there for diverse engineering-grade materials. They vary in temperature and print speed too. Following is a detailed description of the three extruders of FlashForge creator 4.


This extruder makes it possible to utilize TPE, TPB, TPU85A, TPC, and similar flexible filaments. Its printing high temperature is 265℃ with a printing speed of 100mm/s. Extruder-F’s Filament diameter is 2.85mm.


Extruder-HT is specialized for the use of filaments like ABS, PETG, and PLA. These are the standard filaments but it's good for the use of advanced materials too. These include materials like PP, PAHT, PA, and PC. Its print speed is 200mm/s and the Printing temperature is 320℃. The filament diameter is 1.75mm.


Last but not least is Extruder-HS. It uses TPE, TPB, PACF, PET, PC-ABS, PP-GF, TPU85A, and PPS-CF type of flexible filaments. The high temperature of Extruder-HS is 360℃ and the printing speed is 150mm/s. Extruder-HS’s Filament diameter is 1.75mm.

Maintaining A Consistent Temperature

FlashForge creator 4 comes with smart thermal control software. It can heat the printer before printing and maintain that temperature both pre and post-printing. The attribute of the thermal-control software is to preserve the chamber temperature at 65℃. Thus, the temperature of the model doesn’t drop while the printing work is still going on. It reduces the degree of warpage and cracking of engineering filaments. It also assures high-quality printing.

Additional Features

These lists of unique features don’t stop there. FlashForge creator 4 has other remarkable features too. They are HEPA 13 air filter, a 7-inch touchscreen user interface, and a built-in camera. The air filter is there to remove bad odor while the camera is there to oversee the printing process. You wouldn’t have to worry about power failure as it can restart the printing procedure even when the power goes off.   

Final Verdict

FlashForge was always great at their services and we expect nothing less from them. This time too they did not disappoint us. The latest version, FlashForge creator 4 has kept that trust we put on them. FlashForge creator 3 had great features but had few issues. In the new version, you wouldn’t find those shortcomings as FlashForge Creator 4 software was designed that way. The system and the technology that was used has advanced so much compared to the Creator 3. Its deep volume size assures mass production, big prototypes, and printing of other objects.

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