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3D Scanner CR-Scan 01 VS CR-Scan Lizard

27. 05. 2022

3D printing has made a pretty significant place in various industries. From medical use to construction applications, 3D printing is proving to be one of the best options to go for, but before the beginning of any of these projects, 3D scanning is critical for any three-dimensional fabrication of workflows. Product designers, engineers, and researchers use these scanners quickly and effectively to construct different digital models. These 3D models can reverse engineering to digitization.

One of the best options to consider is the Creality CR-Scan 01 portable 3D scanner. In this article, we will explore what it has to offer in this in-depth review and how you can use it in various applications. Also, Creality has recently published on Kickstarter a new 3D scanner named CR-Scan Lizard. The feedback was great so we will look into the Lizard to see if it's really that smooth working and if it can acutely capture the finest detail.

Creality’s scanners - The Best 3D Scanner for A Good Price

Creality CR-Scan 01 is one of the best options that you can consider for your 3D scanning applications. Usually, these 3D scanners are highly sophisticated and come at higher prices, but if you want to go for a slightly budget-friendly option, consider a structured light 3D scanner like the CR-Scan 01 or the CR-Scan Lizard.

Both scanners come at an affordable price but still can deliver industrial-level performance. When the CR-Scan 01 first came out it was essentially a game-changer for the industry that currently resorts on high-priced 3D scanning units. Above all that, these scanners are pretty simple to use, thanks to the hardware design and the software that it runs.

Technology Behind Creality’s Scanners

3D scanning is an important stage in 3D printing. It can ensure quality control and verify the precisions or a printed section. It can also reveal how a part has performed once used. Any deformations in part will indicate where you need reinforcements in the revision design.

The Creality CR-Scan 01 uses structured light scanning technology, another form of laser triangulation. However, it works by projecting a specific light pattern onto an object for scanning and doesn't use any laser dot or line like a laser scanner. This is the only difference between the two 3D scanning technologies used in 3D scanners.

As these patterns can only come from a vantage point at a specific time, you will have to combine multiple 3D scans to develop a 360-degree model or mesh. Some 3D scanner manufacturers also circumvent this issue by mounting the target object on a turntable with a motor. By doing so, the 3D scans will automatically switch together.

Thanks to its technology both scanners are very accurate. The resolution that it can manage is in tens of micrometers. Unlike a 3D laser scanner, it is a much safer technology.

Creality CR-SCAN 01

However, the Creality CR-Scan 01 does come with a limited scanning range of up to a few meters. And thanks to this technology, the scanner itself remains portable and easy to use. This scanner can conveniently tackle projects involving objects about a size of a tea kettle at a closer range.

And this is exactly why this 3D scanner for 3D printers comes at an affordable price. Scanners that work with bigger objects placed away, come at a higher price.

Creality CR-Scan 01 features structured light for scanning. It means that the size of this scanner is much smaller compared to its counterparts that use laser triangulation for scanning. So, this scanner has a portable design that you can conveniently use for your smaller applications.

It doesn't feature any laser technology. Therefore, it is safer to use on animals and humans for various medical applications. You can also attach multiple scanners and stitch the 3D prints if you mount the target object to a moving table. It can significantly enhance the overall accuracy of your scanning results.

So, you're getting the best deal with this scanner. It comes at an affordable price, and you are still getting plenty of accuracy up to tens of micrometers. Plus, it has a portable design, so space will not be an issue. Moreover, you can attach more scanners to improve your accuracy further based on the project you are working on.


Intelligent algorithm

This 3D printer scanner can adopt a large-scale and intelligent alignment algorithm to guarantee automated matching without calibration, manual grid alignment, or any use of markers.

Scan modes

There are two different scan modes that this 3D scanner comes with. You can either use it as a handheld or use it as a three-dimensional turntable scanner.

Of course, this scanner becomes much more flexible to use with the handheld option. You can also use it on objects of various sizes without any markers. However, if you go for the turntable option, you can use the single-click scanning option. It will support multiple poses that can align automatically to scan a much more complete model.

User-friendly software

Another huge advantage of using the Creality 3D scanner is that it comes with humanized software. The program has a concise user-interface design, and it is much easier to operate.

This program uses powerful modeling methods, automatic filling repair, and automated color repair. This program also comes with automated substrate recognition along with non-disruptive mesh simplification. It can also assist you in smoothing out the design and deionizing it.

Highly versatile

The design will come out in .obj and .stl file formats. These file formats are compatible with all mainstream light curing and FDM printing units.

Moreover, this can also simplify your scanning jobs using a variety of features. These include auto-filling repair, model editing, color repair, smooth deionizing, non-disruptive simplification of the mesh. It can also recognize different types of substrates.

Multi-pose alignment

This 3D scanner for 3D printing comes with multi-pose alignment and features a powerful processing technique for modeling. Thanks to its algorithm, this scanner can manage highly accurate matching in terms of structure and color features. Moreover, it realizes the auto-synthesizing function of the algorithm.

Accessories Included in the Box

Your Creality scanner comes with its accessories in the box. It means that you won't have to buy anything separately. When you unbox your Creality Scan 01 portable 3D scanner, you will get the 3D scanner along with some other accessories.

Inside the box, you will find a tripod that you can use for the turntable mode. And along with it, you will get a turntable and its panel that will rotate it as you connect the scanner using the cable. Moreover, you will find a power cord in the box to run the unit and a control cable to connect with the turntable.

Furthermore, you will get a data cable to connect and download images from your scanner directly to the computer. Creality has also included an 8 GB USB drive to transfer your data from one device to another.

These are the accessories that you will get when you open the box. You don't have to buy anything separately to use with this scanner for most of your 3D scanning applications.

How Precise Is the Creality CR-Scan 01 Portable 3D Scanner?

The Creality CR-Scan 01 comes with an intelligent algorithm for large-scale alignment. It makes sure that automated matching is done, and you don't have to do any manual grid alignment or calibrations using any markers. This scanner is pretty accurate in the designs that it renders.

As it is a structured light scanner, you will have to make sure that this unit is somewhat close to the target object to get the necessary details in its renders. Therefore, the scanning distance must be between 15.75 inches and 35.45 inches. The best possible results came in this range once we tried it out at different ranges using different objects.

The operating range of this unit ranges from 11.8 inches to 19.7 inches. The range should be smaller for the smaller objects to get better results. We noticed significant lags for smaller objects when we tested them over 15 inches.

The scan resolution will be 0.5 millimeters. The image size of the renders will be 536 x 378 with 10 frames accuracy per second of 0.1 millimeters. Anything above or below the frame rate will produce uneven details. We got the best results from this scanner when we kept the device closer to the target object.

This 3D scanner is highly accurate when keeping it close to the target object. You will not have to use any labeling or markers to get better scanning results, thanks to its precise algorithms. It makes your job much easier.

Creality CR-Scan 01 - Pros & Cons


  • The 3D scanner comes with an auto-scan matching feature.
  • It is very easy to operate, and you don't need to calibrate or use any markers.
  • Comes at a pretty affordable price compared to other 3D scanners.
  • The software that it runs is extremely user-friendly.
  • It can manage highly accurate renders.
  • It has 2 modes; turntable mode and handheld mode.
  • The 3D scanner can manage multi-pose alignment and fast data processing.
  • Can also produce 24-bit true colors.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 and macOS.
  • The 3D scanner comes with a complete set of accessories.


  • It is a suitable option for beginners but not advanced users.
  • You will need to upgrade for much more detail-oriented projects.
  • You need to always be contected through the cable that is only 1.5m long.

Why Buy the Creality CR-Scan 01 Portable 3D Scanner?

The Creality CR-Scan 01 is a useful option if you want an entry-level 3D scanner. You will not have to waste much time in understanding how it works. That is why it is a top choice for beginners who don't have much experience using these 3D scanning devices.

The device is pretty simple to use, and it comes with user-friendly software that comes with multiple automatic features. You will also not have to use markers or calibrations to get quality renders. Moreover, you will also get all the accessories that you need to run inside the box. You won't have to buy anything separately.

Another exceptional feature of this unit is its two different scan modes. You can either use it as a handheld or switch to turntable mode. No matter which mode you choose, the renders will come out with pretty good details.

What Connectivity Options Do You Get?

The Creality CR-Scan is a user-friendly device, so its connectivity is pretty simple. There is a USB cable included in the box, and you will need to connect it with your computer for data transfer from the scanner to your computer.

Another connector cable allows you to connect the 3D scanner with the turntable when using the turntable mode. You will also get an 8 GB USB flash drive included in the box. It will allow you to transfer your data from one computer to another.

The Creality CR-Scan 01 portable scanner is a quality device that makes 3D scanning accessible for everyone. It is a top choice for beginners in 3D scanning and 3D printing – simplicity and user-friendliness are among its top features. However, it is highly versatile in handling various applications accurately in design and color.


The launching of the Cr-Scan 01 has had us pretty excited until we saw the Kickstarter. The Lizard is an improvement in the scanning industry, and because of the Kickstarter funding, the price is crazy! This is probably the cheapest 3D scanner with these features you will EVER find.

What’s so special about the CR-Scan Lizard?

Creality made a presentation where they said that its accuracy is up to 0.05 mm. The use of invisible light sources of the near-infrared is really friendly to the eyes, and it has excellent light compatibility. High precision 3D scanners are usually high-priced, but CR-Scan Lizard will be affordable with Creality’s typical friendly pricing.

It has two features that surpass almost 90% of 3D scanners for beginners in the market. That is high precision of 0.05mm and capturing subject without markers.

Because of its 0.05 mm accuracy, the 3D scanner captures more details of the subject with a minimum of fuss. Also, capturing details without markers makes the scanning faster, simpler, and more convenient.

CR-Scan Lizard also features user-friendly software with automatic data processing. In the easiest way, we can achieve model splicing and repair, which makes 3D scanning a fun and simple task for beginners and even children.


1. Ultra-high accuracy

The Lizard can scan small objects and prototypes with deep, hard-to-reach details. Designed with binoculars, this 3D scanner is featured by its professional-grade accuracy of up to 0.05 mm realized by the improved precision calibration method. Its 3D point distance ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm, the minimum scanning size of the scanned object is 15 mm.

2. New software

Creality has developed the integration of 3D complete automation algorithms that enables model optimization with just one click. It supports multi-positional auto-alignment, auto-noise removal, auto-model simplified topology, auto-hole filling, and auto-texture mapping, and much more. Creality will check the software regularly and fix the bugs, plus all the upgrades will be free.

3. Scaning white or black

“Blackness” or “brightness” of the scanned object is no longer a problem. CR-Scan Lizard can easily scan black objects, and can excellent perform even in the bright sunlight. The difference from the CR-Scan 01 is that the 01 version regulates the brightness and the scanning needs to be done indoor with specific lightning demand. The Lizard on the other hand has high-precision binocular camera system with a self-developed multi-spectral optical system, vastly improving light adaptability, allowing it to have more scanning targets. In this way even outdoor scanning becomes an easy and fun job.

4. Multi-mode scanning

Just like the CR-Scan 01, the Lizard offers us different scanning modes, which depends on the various circumstances. The CR-Scan Lizard can scan 15 mm – 1500 mm objects with three scanning modes: turntable scanning, handheld scanning, and handheld plus turntable scanning. An important feature is that you can switch from handheld scanning to turntable scanning without any problems. The combination mode is perfect for scanning 300 mm to 500 mm objects, like sculptures, smaller objects like vases adding handheld flexibility to intelligent turntable scanning. If you need to scan something bigger like hood and furniture, the handheld mode, suitable for scanning objects of 500 mm to 1500mm is the best choice since it provides enough freedom and creative possibilities.

5. Connectivity options

The advantage of having a Creality 3D scanner and 3D printer is the Creality Cloud, since the 3D model can be uploaded to the database (Creality Cloud) with slicing and 3D printing completed with just one click. You can also share your 3d model on the Creality APP. This way you can interact and share the 3D fun with friends and other makers.

6. HD color restoration

To meet the needs of VR, 3D rendering, games, and color 3D printing which may be realized in the future, CR-Scan Lizard can pair with the color kit and supports the shooting of colorful textures with cell phones or DSLR cameras. After that, it will automatically map the colors to the models with just one click via the automation software to complete color restoration. The file will export in OBJ format bringing vivid 3D models. It provides users with an option to be with color or not, and in the future, Creality said that they will upgrade this function to be capable of more scanning sizes.

7. Portable and easily scan outdoors

Beside the USB charging, the Crealitys Lizard is compatible with a portable charger which needs to be purchased separately, enabling makers to take it outdoors and try to capture amazing objects anywhere.. This function makes the feature of portability to trully come alive and active.

What’s the price of the CR-Scan Lizard?

The innovation of the light projection modular helped reduce the price of the CR-Scan Lizard, making affordability possible. Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign this 3D scanner which has a professional-grade accuracy was available for just 210$! It keeps getting sold out so if you want one make a reservation as soon as possible! The regular price with the premium package would be 699$, but thanks Kickstarter you can get the 3d scanner for 40% less! Besides the scanner, you get the data transmission cable, power adapter and plugs, turntable, tripod, and the fancy carrying case.

CR-Scan 01 VS CR-Scan Lizard - which one is better?

If we compare the Lizard to the Scan 01, there is no doubt we would go for the Lizard. Not just because is cheaper, but it has better accuracy (Lizard has 0.05mm, the Scan 01 has 0.1mm), both of them have a similar concept of scanning, but the Lizard is also capable to scan outdoors. The CR-Scan 01 is a little bit more delicate when it comes to lighting and the space where it can scan. It works great in a room where the light is not that bright, but unfortunately the sunlight and outdoor are not the best choice for it.

We noticed that the Lizard can have troubles scanning shining black objects. The light reflects of this type of surface and it confuses the scanner. We can easly solve this problem with a plaster spray, if you need to scan an object that you can easly then wash of.

It is also important to mention that the Lizard can scan an object without the help of the markers since it has the help of a visual tracking algorithm. It goes the same for the CR-scan 01. When it comes to working distance the winner is CR-Scan 01, since it has a bigger range :from 400mm up to 900mm. Both of the scanners have the option of storage and the conection to the Creality Cloud .

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