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AzureFilm NEW Filament Spool

16. 04. 2022

AzureFilm is starting new year with a bang!
With the beginning of new year 2022 we would like to introduce to you our brand new spool design.

At AzureFilm we are very proud of our R&D department skills. We have successfully developed an injection molding model that is fully produced and usable in just under 30 seconds making the production process faster and efficient. There is as much as 47% less energy consumption while producing this type of spools for the same amount of work. As we started to develop new spool design we saw that having our small iconic circles will not be easiest thing to do with injection molding process specially not in full piece, but after careful planning we have successfully done it.

We wanted to have the whole manufacturing process under control. We are the only 3D filaments manufacturer on the market who not only produce 3D filaments but we are also designing and manufacturing our own spools in-house, this allows us having huge scalability with quality control perfectly balanced.

Why haven't we developed cardboard spool?
As we strive to produce the perfectly balanced product we realised cardboard spool is not as efficient and ecological as many would think. Cardboard simply don't have same mechanical properties and has multiple flaws.  Hard to store it properly (stacking spool on spool will make bottom ones suffer alot). Sides can be easily bent after longer periods in storage or during the shipping. Since cardboards are not weatherproof they can easily get damaged or deformed and can only be store on very low humidity. One of the major points of debate in recent years is huge water waste during production of cardboards, tons of water is lost during the production cycle. Another waste appears when cutting the round shape out of the rectangle cardboard sheets. So we found a better solution in recyclable plastic saving it from hitting landfills.

100% made from recycled material compound (Reducing CO2 emissions by 38% - Even more tests have been currently performed together with Institute of Polymer Technology in Slovenia).
Special pin system makes it easy to pin the filament after usage, reducing possibility of tangling.
Engineered with usability in mind, circles are placed carefully making the spool even stronger for all sizes and types of materials.
Our iconic circular shape is even more recognizable and can be used to pull bigger and stronger materials through the holes.
- We developed smaller spools than we had before, that way they can also easily fit into Filament Dry BoxFi of the new spool is 200mm.
Premium quality design and mechanical properties.

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