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How to install Engraving Laser on Ender 3 S1 ?

26. 07. 2022

Now is the best time to get a laser engraving for your home or office, since it has become a common and increasingly adopted tool for small businesses, makers, and hobbyists. The laser engravers were never more affordable and easy to use than right now. Creality has revolutionized the 3D world with its amazing 3D printers. Lately, the series Ender 3 S1 has become extremely popular, so they decided it was time to create some upgrades for this series of 3D printers. If you’re on a budget and would like to start engraving, this laser is just what you need.


Control signal: PWM

Product model: CV-LaserModule

Laser source: semiconductor laser

Product size: 53*72*102mm

Laser wavelength: 450±5nm

Product N.W: 210g

Optical power: 1.6W

Power requirements: DC 24V

Safety grade: FDA Class 4

Operating temperature range: 0℃-+40℃

Working humidity range: 10%-90%

Support material types: cardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, etc.

Safe and intelligent

The developers of this Laser module have put focus on the user's safety, simplicity of the installment, and precision while working.

A special laser safety protection is integrated to meet the FDA Class 4 safety requirements to avoid laser damage to the eyes or skin.

Convenient to install

The installation is very simple and user-friendly. The first step is to take out the laser head kit and a cylindrical head thumb screw from the packing box. Then you need to install a laser head kit on the fixing plate and tighten it with a cylindrical head thumb screw (clockwise).
Plug in the power cord, but be careful to choose the correct direction. A great feature is also the unique convenient focusing unit that can quickly and accurately fix the focus and make the best engraving effect.

Pollution minimization

During the engraving, the lasers usually can leave some specific odour and smoke. Thanks to the built-in air filter cotton, this laser can effectively absorb smoke and odour generated by engraving. This feature reduces indoor air pollution and cares for human health.

Strong Scalability & Compatibility

With the right equipment and standardized structure and drive interface, the laser module can be adapted to various 3D printers, laser engraving machines, CNC engraving machines and other machines according to requirements.

Fine Laser Spot and Long Service Time

Imported laser semiconductor diode, stable power and fine spot are just some of the benefits of this laser. It's also important to mention the long service life, and sustainable use of 10000+ hours.

Anti-warping surface to ensure engraving effect

In the package, you will also get magnetic strips which ensure that the surface of the engraving material stays flat. It helps prevent warping and deformation and ensures the best engraving effect.

Which materials can you engrave with the laser engraver?

With the Laser module, you can carve or cut material such as cardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, etc. 

How to install the laser module on Ender 3 S1 3D printer?

1. First step is to check if you got all the parts in the package

2. After checking the box, take the laser head fixing plate and install it;

- take the laser head fixing plate and 2 hexagon socket countersunk head screws

- attach the fixing plate to the printer and tighten two countersunk screws using an Allen key (clockwise)

3. Install the laser module

Take out the laser kit and 1 hand screw with a cylindrical head and attach the laser head kit to the fixing plate. Then tight it using a cylindrical head hand screw.

4. Connect the printer's expansion port and laser head laser module cable

5. Turn over the platform to the other side

6. Download the latest version of the firmware and copy the bin file from the zip package to the SD card. Check if the motherboard firmware and the screen firmware are the applicable versions respectively

7. Unplug the screen cable and then remove the screen from the screen holder. Use an Allen key to unscrew the four screws on the back of the screen and remove the lower cover of the screen. Insert the TF card into the TF card slot of the motherboard, plug in the screen cable and power it on to update automatically. After the update is complete, turn the power off, remove the TF card and reinstall the screen and restart the machine.

8. Import the engraving file into the TF card, then insert TF card into the card slot of the printer and switch laser printing mode.

9. Adjust the laser focus

10. Select ''control'' – '' switched laser printing'' switch from FDM printing to laser printing. Adjust laser focus to appropriate value through the knob.

11. Wait until the focusing bar touches the engraved material surface with natural vertical down status. Then go to Auto home so the laser will automatically adjust. Select ''printing'' and press the knob to confirm. Then select ''run range'' and preview the engraving range. The laser head will move repeatedly around then maximum X and Y edges so you can adjust the engraving material to the right position.

12. Press the ''directly printing'' to start engraving.


13. This laser opens a whole new reach of innovation and creation. Suddenly your 3D printer is not just a printer anymore, but a creative machine limited only by our imagination.

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