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Unleash your creativity with our new Silk colour: Rainbow Candy

11. 04. 2023

A short while back, our development team was playing around with one of the 3D printers we own. They decided to print a small bunny with our Silk filaments. The product was pretty impressive - the bunny was glossy, shiny and overwhelmingly cute. But we couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was just…well, boring. The bunny was all grey since we used the Graphite Grey colour. 

One of the coworkers pointed out that it just needs a pop of colour to stand out. So we made it pink but even the pink wasn’t cutting it. After this, we left the bunny and got back to work. For the next few days, some of us could not stop thinking about how to spruce up the bunny until it hit us: we need Silk Rainbow filaments! 

On a more serious note, as a professional 3D filament manufacturer with a long tradition, we are constantly innovating new materials and colour variations. We firmly believe creativity has no boundaries and this new colour will give you a lot of creative freedom in your future 3D projects.

Introducing the Silk Rainbow collection

Since we introduced our line of Silk filaments, they have been a hit among our customers thanks to their striking finish. These filaments produce a slightly translucent, shiny, and silky surface, making them stand out from other filaments in the market. Each Silk colour has its own beauty, and those of you who have tried them already know what we mean. However, we understand the desire for more variety, which is why we decided to create the Silk Rainbow collection. This collection will not only have the silky characteristics that you already love but also will feature an array of rainbow colours with a seamless transition between layers. 

Meet Silk Rainbow Candy

Our new Silk Rainbow Candy is the first colour palette from the Rainbow collection. This filament combines a range of different pastel colours like purple, pink, red, orange and gold. Printing with this filament will create a cute candy rainbow blend of magic!

Silk Rainbow Candy

How to print with Silk Rainbow Candy

Printing with Silk Rainbow filaments is as easy as printing with other colours of Silk filament. We didn't make any changes to the material components, so the same printing settings that you use for other AzureFilm Silk filaments will work just as well for the Rainbow collection. 

Recommended printing settings

Silk Rainbow Candy is compatible with most FDM 3D printers. It doesn’t require an enclosure or hardened nozzles. It is very easy to use even if you are a beginner.

The best nozzle temperature for all Silk filaments is around 220-240°C. Keep in mind that the specific and perfect temperature depends on the 3D printer you have at home. 

Secondly, the recommended heat bed temperature is 80°C. Good printing speed is above 50 mm/s. And lastly, for the build platform use a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton tape or Blue tape.

The standout characteristic of Silk Rainbow filaments is the seamless transition of colours from one to the next. To achieve the full spectrum of colours, the product needs to be slightly larger. Colour changes occur every 40 to 45 metres on the spool. Consequently, approximately 135 metres of filament will be needed to create a complete candy rainbow.

Silk Rainbow Candy

Final thoughts on Silk Rainbow Candy filament

In conclusion, the Silk Rainbow collection is a new and exciting addition to the AzureFilm Silk filament line. The first colour palette in the collection, Silk Rainbow Candy, is a blend of pastel colours that create a candy rainbow effect with a slightly translucent and silky surface. Overall, the Silk Rainbow collection offers a lot of creative freedom and is a perfect choice for those looking for a unique and stunning finish to their 3D-printed projects.

More colour combinations will be added to the Silk Rainbow collection soon. Be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our e-newsletter to stay informed about our latest products and updates. Or don’t - it’s completely up to you. :P 

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