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Creality Ender 7 3D Printer fast speed 250mm/s


Creality Ender 7 3D Printer fast speed 250mm/s

New breakthrough of speed, the normal printing speed of Ender-7 3d printer is up to 250mm/s, enjoy instant high-speed printing while maintaining the same molding precision quality.
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Manufacturer Part No: AZDKEN7
Gross weight: 20000g
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Technical details

Brand Creality 3D

Product Description

New breakthrough of speed, the normal printing speed of Ender-7 3d printer is up to 250mm/s, enjoy instant high-speed printing while maintaining the same molding precision quality.


By purchasing a printer, you agree that, as a buyer and user of the device, you will be willing to assemble and maintain the 3D printer yourself. For the correct functioning of the 3D printer, certain prior knowledge regarding the management of the device and the determination of print settings is also required, so by purchasing, you agree that you will educate yourself on your own initiative and acquire the knowledge necessary for the successful use of the 3D printer. Most of the necessary knowledge for the basic and more advanced use of the 3D printer can be obtained from the online platform YouTube and from various 3D forums or Facebook groups, where members of the 3D community extensively share their experience and knowledge regarding the management of 3D printers and the correct use of printing materials. AzureFilm does not currently offer online training or physical forms of training at the company headquarters. Thank you for your understanding. For additional questions, we are available at


3D Printer Creality Ender 7 


  • 250 mm/s High-speed printing.
  • High precision linear rail.
  • Core-XY Structure.
  • A customized high volume nozzle.
  • Customized high-power motors.
  • High-speed cooling fans.
  • High-efficiency operational control algorithm.
  • Minimalist aesthetic design.


  • High-speed printing, invigorating power
    New breakthrough of speed, the normal printing speed of Ender-7 3d printer is up to 250mm/s, enjoy instant high-speed printing while maintaining the same molding precision quality.
  • Linear rail, higher precision
    Utilizing linear rail technology to reduce movement resistance to a lower level, high precision positioning, and yet comes with high-speed stable movement.
  • Core-XY structure, precise control 
    Utilizing Core-XY structure, dual motors running parallelly with coordinated operations, faster speed, and higher precision.
  • Smooth discharge and stable feeding 
    A customized high volume nozzle, the volume of the melting chamber has been increased to 50 mm³, and the volume of the heating block has been increased to 4000 mm³.
    The filaments are fully melted and can be smoothly discharged when printing at a high speed.
    Full-metal dual gear extruder, strong bite, greater extrusion force, uniform extrusion force, continuous and stable feeding.
  • Cooling sustainability despite under high temperature
    The extruder’s cooling fan enables more stable feeding.
     High-speed dual cooling fans are designed in butterfly-shaped wing ducts.
     Compared to a single fan, dual fans increase overall air volume by 169%, ensuring fast cooling of high-speed print models.


Product Parameter:

  • Molding technology: FDM 
  • Printing size: 250 x 250 x 300 mm 
  • Machine size: 430 x 460 x 570 mm 
  • Package size: 570 x 540 x 400mm 
  • Machine net weight: 17.2 kg 
  • Package gross weight: 22 kg 
  • Printing precision: ±0.1 mm 
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm 
  • Nozzle quantity: 1 piece                                                                                           
  • Resume printing function: Support 
  • Filament detector: Support 
  • Extrusion method: Remote extrusion 
  • Hotbed temperature: ≤ 100℃ 
  • Nozzle temperature: ≤ 260℃ 
  • Printing layer thickness: 0.1mm - 0.4mm 
  • Print bed: Carborundum glass 
  • Power rating: 350W 
  • Printing material: PLA / ABS / PETG 
  • Material diameter: 1.75 mm 
  • Slicing software: Creality / Cura / Repetier-Host / Simplify3D 
  • Power supply requirements: AC 100-120V / 200-240V, DC 24V 
  • Supported languages: 9 languages (Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish) 
  • Operation mode: Online / Offline (USB Cable, TF Card)


For beginners, we recommend purchasing of PETG Filaments: Click Here

It takes about 30 minutes to set up the Ender 6 3D Printer. You can see how in the clip below. 

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How to clean & replace extruder nozzle on Creality 3D Printers?

Please check our video on this topic:

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