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CreatBot F160 - PEEK Version

CreatBot F160 - PEEK Version

CreatBot F160 high-temperature 3D printer for cost-effective additive manufacturing with PEEK filament.


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Manufacturer Part No: CF160
Gross weight: 23000g

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Technical details

Brand Craftbot

Product Description

CreatBot F160 high-temperature 3D printer for cost-effective additive manufacturing with PEEK filament.

CreatBot F160 Ultra high performance 3D printer for PEEK, ULTEM with advanced Thermal System. This high-temperature FFF 3D printer can be used to additive manufacture and you can print all materials which nees temperature up to 420°C.

  • Build volume of 160 x 160 x 200 mm
  • Max. Nozzle temperature: 420 ° C, Bed temperature: Up to 130 ° C
  • Filament Compatibility: PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Nylon, PC, PTEG, HIPS, PP, Flexible, etc.
  • High precision, filament detection & outage restored
  • Higih Precision up to: 0.04 mm
  • Speed up to: 120 mm/s

Craftbot is first printer which rich 420°C high temperature nozzle to 3d printer market. This kind of nozzle allow to print with a variety of filaments. The nozzle height can also be micro adjusted. (Default support 260°C for 420°C)


We exclusively research and develop the extruder feeding system and guide rail, which support high-speed printing. Its printing accuracy can reach high to 0.04mm,and it allows to extrude filament steady without block.


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