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Technical Data Sheet

Profiles for 3D Printers Creality - Cura 4.5

For beginners - the basics of 3D printing

Every 3D print begins as a 3D model generated in a modeling program. There are many easy-to-use modeling software options available, many of which are free.
These tools are all about creating models for 3D printing. There are some beginner-friendly ones: 

  • Tinkercad: With a library of literally millions of files, users can find shapes that suit them best and manipulate them as they wish. It serves as a great way to learn about 3D modeling.
  • SketchUp: Is another good modeling softwar, because it maintains that balance between usability and functionality, making it ideal for most skill levels.
  • Blender: This open-source software that has a steep learning curve and is ideal for users who feel ready to transition to designing complex 3D models.

There is even easier way to get your 3D models. You can simply download already made models and put them slicer software. 
Here you have some sites and 3D archives with free 3D models:

  • Thingiverse: Thingiverse is a community and a design sharing platform, where you can discover and share 3D printable designs.
  • Turbosquid: This is the premiere place to find 3D models. They have a huge paid section, but if you simply type “free” into the search, it will come up with hundreds of awesome free models.
  • Free3d: Place where you can share your free 3d assets and download instantly any you like.

When you have your model (done in a modeling program or download from 3D archives sites), you need to put it in your slicer software.
Slicers are the easiest way to go from a 3D model to a printed part. They take a CAD model, slice it into layers and turn the model into G-code.
The slicer software also includes 3D printer settings like temperature, layer height, print speed, etc. to the G-code.
When the model is turned into G-code, you can put it on your Micro SD (8GB works the best). Also be careful to name it with only up to 7 letters.
The 3D printer can read this G-code and make the model layer by layer following the instructions set in the G-code.

Best beginners slicer softeares are:

  • Ultimaker Cura: Can be used with almost any 3D printer because it is an open-source slicer. The program is ideal for beginners because it is intuitive and fast. Most of all, it’s easy to use.
  • Simplify3D: Not only does Simplify3D slice your CAD into layers, it also corrects any problems with your models and allows you to preview the end result, helping to further identify any other issues.
  • Slic3r: This open-source software includes real-time incremental slicing, 3D preview, and more. It is one of the most widely used 3D printing software tools.  

How to assemble a 3D printer?

When you purchase a 3D printer, detailed assembly instructions are included. Despite the instructions provided, there are also plenty of videos available on the Internet to help you with visual assistance.
We have prepared a list of videos for each 3D printer separately:

If you still feel unclear about the instructions and video, you can contact us at: 

Sending order and tracking number

AzureFilm d.o.o. sends package through DPD courier service. We prepare the order within 24 hours of receiving the online order, and then DPD picks up the package and usually deliver it within 1-2 business days to places in Slovenia as well as nearby countries of Slovenia. If you need a package tracking number you can contact

Can I track the status of my order?

Yes, you can. Along with your order confirmation, once your order has been shipped, we will recieve your tracking number.
You can write to and ask for your tracking number and we will send it to you.
We currently ship with DPD delivery service.

When will my order ship?

After your payment is verified, it takes up to 24 hours to process and ship your order. This does not include weekends or holidays. Purchases made after 11 am PST will not be shipped out until the next business day. If you order after 11 am PST on a Friday, your order will be shipped out on the following Monday.

Which countries do we ship to?

We ship orders worldwide. Please contact if you have more specific question.

SLO delivery

Standard Delivery (2-5 working days) - 4,27€ or free if you spend 45€ or over.

International Delivery

Europe Standard Delivery (3-7 Working Days)

While we do our best to meet these time frames, during busy periods there may be some changes and deliveries may take longer.
There may also be situations, (poor weather conditions, custom delays, local postal delays and tech updates) which result in a longer delivery.

Do I need to set up an account to make an order?

No, if you do not want to set up an account with us we have the option to checkout as a guest.
All you'll need is your contact and shipping information!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment from debit or credit cards - VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, payments made by PayPal, direct bank tranfers to our account and cash on delivery.

Where is my order confirmation?

Once you have placed an order, you should receive an email confirmation sent to the email address you provided at checkout.
If for some reason, you did not receive this email, please check your spam/junk folders.
If you still cannot find this, please log into your account to check that your order was initially processed.
And if you are still having problems please contact us!

Where is my order?

Your order should arrive within the time frame of your chosen delivery method.
If the delivery time frame has passed and you’ve still not received your items, please get in touch with us at

Can I cancel my order?

The user has the right to cancel the order, but if we have already shipped the order then the user has to pay the postage costs.

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

As soon as you place your order, we work on the dispatch process as quickly as possible, so if you decide to change your order please call us on 0038631718800 and we will try to accommodate if possible.
However, please note that once the order has been dispatched we will not be able to make any changes to it, we can only dispatch another order.

My discount code didn’t work?

Firstly, check if you’re entering the discount code exactly as it appears (case sensitive) and check if the code is still in date and has not expired.
Secondly, check the terms and conditions of your code, if the item is on sale or in a certain category the discount may not be valid for this product.
If it’s still not working, please email us at and our team will be able to advise you further.

Can I use more than one promotional code on my order?

No, you can only use one promotional discount in each individual order.

What do I do if i’ve received the wrong item or an item is missing?

If you’ve received the wrong item in your order, please contact us by mail
Send the photo of the item you recieved and we will make sure you get the right one.

What if I want to return or exchange item?

We accept the returns within 7 days of the delivery date.
In case you would like to return an item please write us an email with the invoice number, the reason of your return and let us know how would you like to proceed (change for other item, money back,..).
Product must be returned in the original package form.

How can I find out if you’ll be getting in more stock of a product I want?

Due to high demand, some of the items on our website do sell out very quickly!
However, it’s worth checking back as the site is regularly updated.
If the item isn’t available in a month, feel free to contact us.

Can you tell me more information about your product?

We work hard to include as much information about our products in our product descriptions on the product page, but if there’s something more specific you’d like to know you are more than welcome to contact us at

Does your product offer a warranty?

Yes, on some products we do offer a 1 year warranty from the date you placed your order.
This applies with printers, parts of printers and filaments .

How do I reset my password?

If you can't remember your password, we'll need to reset that for you.

How to print with PLA filament?

In the clip below, you can see how to print with PLA filament.


How to print with PETG filament?

On the clip below, you can see how to print with a PETG filament. 

Can a PETG filament be used on an Ender 3 3D printer?

Yes, Ender 3 works great with our PETG filaments.
We print with an exstrudor temperature of 220°C and table: 80/90°C.
Before printing we spray the surface with DimaFix spray.

How to correctly store the filaments?

It it very important that we store the filaments in a room without moisture.
The filament is wound on the reel in a specific way, so it doesn’t knot.
To keep it that way is very important to always put the end of the filament in 2 holes on the reel.

You can store your filaments:

  • In the box with the seal in the lid - It ensures that the box is airtight and reliably keeps moisture out. Also you can use a vacuum hand pump to remove the remaining air in the container.
  • In the box that is hermetically sealed by the all-around rubber seal in the lid. 
  • In ziplock and vacuum seal bags - two of the cheapest and easiest ways to store filament. A 6 or 8 liter bag can easily hold a spool.

You also need desiccant packs to keep the humidity in the containers to a minimum.
We recommend Silica Gel Packs. They reliably absorb moisture from the air and can be quickly dried again in the microwave or in the oven to reuse them.
These packs are available in different sizes. For a single spool, about 50g should be sufficient, for larger containers, more should be added. 

Why does the model deviate from the base?

The problem occurs when applying the first layer to the substrate, the table must be spaced exactly from the nozzle so that the product adheres nicely to the substrate and does not deviate or get too close to the substrate to prevent material from passing through the nozzle.

We recommend printing on glass and using DIMAFIX spray: 

Why does the first layer not stick to the print surface?

Pretty much 90% of all print errors are caused by an improper first layer. Therefore, it is really important to have it set perfectly.

  • Make sure your Live Z adjust is set correctly. If you are not sure how a perfect first layer looks like, check out the photo below.
  • Clean the print surface before every print, it takes just a few seconds. Use isopropyl alcohol. 

Please watch our youtube video for more information.


Why my printer doesn’t do perfect layers?

Possible causes are:

  • The nozzle temperature is set incorrectly.
  • The nozzle is too close to the base.
  • The extruder is clogged.

Thermal runaway error

This error triggers if the temperature drops more then 15°C for more than 45 seconds to prevent uncontrollable heating and potential fire hazard in case of a wrong temperature reading.

  • If the printer is in a cold environment with a lot of airflows (next to open window), move it to a warmer room (20°C or more) or to a spot with less airflow.
  •  Check the thermistor cable, connector and visually check the thermistor if it is still securely placed in the heater block.

Why do I have a lot of threads on the final product?

Retraction is usually to blame for this problem.

  • We recommend a 6mm retraction for the 0.4mm nozzle.
  • 8mm retraction we suggest to use for 0.6mm, 0,7mm and 0.8mm nozzle.

Retraction speed is between 80-100mm/s.
For the threads we can also blame a damp filament that can be dried. You can put the filament in the oven.



What is the life expectancy of the printer?

According to our testing, the average “lifespan” of our printer is around 800 print hours.
When it needs to be serviced, most frequently, it’s the hotend that needs to be changed, and then it can continue printing for many hundreds of hours more.

How to clean & replace extruder nozzle on Creality 3D Printers?

Please check our video on this topic:

How often do I need to change the nozzle?

The nozzle has to be changed every 2 months if you print daily.
The nozzle worns out if it slides across the table or certain filaments enlarge the hole (eg glow white very quickly).
Other PLA and PETG, however, do not wear out the nozzles quickly.


Please check this video:

Which 3D printer is better - CR10 MAX or CR10S4?

The CR10Max is much better and more accurate than the CR10S4.
The CR10Max has a BL tach sensor for automatic leveling. It also has improved table heating (the table is heated over the entire surface), filament cooling and extruder itself.
The printer is more stable and has better print quality.
The CR10Max has a new plate with faster drivers and is also quieter.

Where can I get free 3D models to print?

You can check the following pages:

The difference between Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro

Creality Ender 3 Pro is an upgraded version of Ender-3.
It comes with the MeanWell power supply and new platform sticker, also redesigned the aluminum extrusion.
The Ender 3 Pro boasts the same outstanding performance as the Ender-3, but the upgraded components make Creality Ender 3 Pro more stable, durable and more comfortable to operate.
Ender 3 Pro is redesigned with a much more sturdy, 40x40 aluminum extrusion for the Y-axis base. This provides stability for the printing process, leading to better print quality. 
Magnetic sticker that is designed for Ender 3 Pro, it is entirely removable, flexible and can better adhere to the platform. 

Why can't I print flexible filament?


If you have trouble printing with flexible filaments to hear the filament overgrow when printing, this means that the filament is damp and needs to be dried for good results.

Size and weight of our spools

The dimensions of 1000g spool are: 6,5 cm x 20,8 cm . Weight of this type of a spool is 162 g.

The dimensions of 2100g spool are: 10,8 cm x 20,8 cm . Weight of this type of a spool is 148 g.

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