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Mega Black Friday discounts at AzureFilm

01. 02. 2021.

Black Friday only comes once a year, and when it does we like to make you feel it was worth waiting for. This year's Black Friday sale starts on November 16th and lasts until November 30th. You definitely don't want to miss our biggest shopping event of the year! 

There will be dozens exclusive discounts and free gifts! Not only do you get the best deals ever on some products, but we are also giving away prizes to the first customers that take advantage of the sale on November 16th.
And yes even 3D Printers will be discounted up to 20%!

Black Friday is the only time each year that we offer our biggest discount ever. If you are waiting for the perfect time to try some of our special filaments, upgrade your 3D Printer or dive into 3D printing, then this will be it!

If you wanted to try some of our special filaments but you're not ready to commit to purchasing it yet, we have got you coverd. We will be giving you samples of our Silk, Wood, Flexibile, ASA, Glitter and new Marble filament.

You can expect exciting free samples with your order:
- Over the amount of 150€ you will get 4 free samples
- Over the amount of 100€ you will get 3 free samples
- Over the amount of 80€ you will get 2 free samples
- Over the amount of 50€ you will get 1 free sample


Tell your friend, cousin, brother and all other 3d printer enthusiasts to save at AzureFilm's Black Friday MEGA SALE!

Team AzureFilm

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