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Our vision is as clear as the clear blue skies. We create, rise and broaden horizons. The sky is our only limit and there are no boundaries. Here and there, backwards and forwards, down and, of course, up. X-times, countless times. Our world comes in many shapes and dimensions. It has its depth, width and height, whereas the most important dimension is your imagination. Creativity has no boundaries, it is limitless and it never stops.

AZUREFILM Technologies is additive manufacturer from Slovenia. With over 30 years of experience in plastic industry we offer one of the best quality filaments all over the world. With an expert team of specialists and engineers as well as own factory located in Slovenia, we are delivering a complete line of products  that are fully designed and manufactured by us. Apart from being first choice for filaments in Slovenia, our products are now sold in more than 40 countries in Europe, USA, Canada and selected markets all over the world. With our in-house specialized tooling company we do mold making, injection molding, CNC milling, drilling which makes us the only producer who manufactures filaments aswell as production lines to produce them. This allows us to constantly optimize production process without having to throw away fresh material to develop  better more advanced filament production lines. 

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The start of the 1st generation of the Derman family business 1968

The start of the 1st generation of the Derman family business. Founder Marcelo Derman with the craft activity of manufacturing transformers and coils for electronic devices.

The start of the 2nd generation of the Derman family business 1990

The start of the 2nd generation of the Derman family business.
DRM company d.o.o. with many years of experience in the field of transformer manufacturing and the sale of graphic materials:
Car Wrapping Foils, Digital Printing Foils, Sales and Service of Large Format Printers, Color for Printers, Plates of Plastic and Aluminum, Promotional Products, Large Format Printers.

The start of the 3rd generation of the Derman family business 2012

The start of the 3rd generation of the Derman family business.
Introduction to 3D technologies, the beginning of development and production of the first machines, tools for the production of 3D Filaments.
Development of the first 3D Printers, study of their operation.
Made first 3D Filaments and tested how they behave on different 3D Printers.

Azurefilm 3D Filament Production 2014

Establishment of AzureFilm brand under which we produce quality 3D Filaments for all types of 3D Printers.
Filaments are produced in Slovenia with the help of various institutes across Europe.
In addition to a wide range of plastic filaments or threads, we also have a very diverse selection of 3D Printers and Spare Parts for 3D Printers.


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