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PAHT Carbon Fiber 2,85mm 750g

PAHT Carbon Fiber 2,85mm 750g

Made in EU, high quality Carbon, beautiful clear prints, no stringing, no warping, no clogging.
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Manufacturer Part No: FN281-CABK
Net weight: 800g
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Technical details

Filament Diameter 2.85 mm
Filament weight 750g
Filament color Black
Brand AzureFilm

Product Description

Made in EU, high quality Carbon, beautiful clear prints, no stringing, no warping, no clogging.

Used for:

  • Extremely smooth surface finish allows printability of functional prototypes
  • Since it has exceptional mechanical properties it can be used for various fixtures, tooling, composite moulds for various manufacturing processes or self use
  • In general its light weight, is key advantage for weight reduction, without loosing performance-grade strenght
  • Compared to PLA, ABS, PETG or even other Carbon reinforced materials it can withstand significantly higher temperatures. Service temperature is enhanced up to 160°C (Lifetime max. 200h)
  • Continuous service temperature 120°C
  • High stiffness of the fibers themselves allow 3D printed parts to maintain their shape under high stress


Significant advantages of AzureFilm PAHT CF filaments:

  • Cost effective - since we are using chopped up carbon fibers there is significant reduction in production length, allowing us to make our material cost friendly for any customer
  • Higher temperature resistance up to 160°C
  • More dimensional stability - Chopped carbon fibers are extremely strong and not only give high strenght and stiffness but also help prevent shrinking as the part is in the cooling down faze


Requirements to work with PAHT CF filaments:

  • Heated print bed
  • Hardened nozzle - Due to its abrasive structure, filament will wear down standard brass nozzle over a short period of time. Abrasion resistant nozzle is requirement for this type of filament. Since those type of nozzles tend to be less conductive then standard nozzles, usually higher extruder temperatures are recommended
  • Heated filament chamber (optional) - Having the filament all the time in dry place, with working temp. ready is an optional thing to ensure consistently controlled environment for best product quality
  • Closed environment (optional) - Ensuring consistent controlled environment is very important factor that allows better end class quality of the product although this filament has ability to be 3D printed on non-heated chamber machines


Printing Recommendations:

  • Nozzle temperature: 270 – 290°C
  • Heated bed: recommended 90-120°C
  • Print speed: 40 – 60 mm/s
  • Layer height: 0,2 mm
  • Nozzle dimension: 0,6 mm
  • Build platform: Blue tape, Kapton tape, glass bed + Dimafix spray

If you want to learn more about Carbon fiber filaments click here.

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