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Terms and conditions of prize games for facebook and instagram

  1. General provisions

The organizer of the prize games is the company AzureFilm doo, Lava 2A, 3000 Celje (hereinafter the organizer), tax number: 58587837 (VAT payers), registration number: 7095228000. The prize game is organized for the purpose of promoting the company AzureFilm d.o.o. organizer. It is financed exclusively from the named company.

Prize games will take place several times a year on the Facebook profile: and/or the Instagram profile

All participants are advised to carefully read the general terms and conditions and rules of the prize games. By participating in the prize game, it is considered that the participants are familiar and agree with the terms and conditions of the prize game.

  1. Participation conditions

The participation is open to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in the European Union with an open personal profile on the Facebook and/or Instagram.

Employees of AzureFilm d.o.o., their immediate family members and persons directly involved in organizing the prize game may not participate in the prize game.

  1. The schedule of the price game and draw

The prize draw will take place on the day of the end of the prize game at the headquarters of the organizer's company, where the winner(s) will be drawn among all participants. The draw is not public. The draw and the results are final and cannot be appealed.


The draw is done by computer. If the computer selects a winner who does not meet all the conditions set out in point 2, the organizer may repeat the draw. A record shall be kept of the draw, which shall contain information of the date and time of the draw and of the participant drawn. The informations are stored by the organizer. The winner can only be awarded once per individual prize draw.


By participating in the prize game, the participant agrees that in case that he wins, the organizer publishes him/her as a winner on the wall of the Facebook profile and/or Instagram profile and also taggs him/her. The winner will be announced within five days of the prize draw.

The winner is entitled to the prize presented in the text of the prize game on the Facebook profile and / or the Instagram profile Where the prize game takes place. The name of the winner's Facebook and Instagram profile will also be published on the Facebook and Instagram profile of AzureFilm d.o.o.

  1. Recieving the prices

Upon receipt of the prize, the winner is obliged to fill in a statement of the receipt of the prize. If the prize is sent by post, a certificate of service is considered a statement of receipt of the prize. If the winner wishes to receive the prize, he/she must provide the organizer with detailed personal data within 14 days: Facebook and/or Instagram username, name and surname, address and telephone number. The provision of all this information is a condition for the award to be given to the recipient. Prizes cannot be paid out in cash, the prize is not transferable, the prize cannot be exchanged. In the event that the winner does not provide the required information within 14 days, it is considered that the prize will be waived. In this case, this prize is not awarded, and the organizer is free of all obligations he has under these rules to the winner.

  1. Tax payment

It is not necessary to pay an advance payment of personal income tax when the prize is worth less than 42 €.

  1. Complait resolving

All complaints and reclamations are resolved by the organizer of the prize game. In the case of justified complaints, the organizer undertakes to eliminate them as soon as possible and inform the participant.

  1. Responsibility

The organizer does not assume any and no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of the acceptance and use of the prize, with which the participant agrees when participating in the prize game. In case of circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (force majeure), the organizer may cancel the prize draw. In this case, organizer undertakes to inform the participants via Facebook and/or Instagram profile. In such a case, the company is not liable for the damage caused. The organizer does not take any responsibility for the non-functioning of the social network Facebook and Instagram and the consequences of non-functioning, regardless of the reasons for non-functioning. The organizer does not take any responsibility for non-functioning or incomplete functioning of the e-mail and internet connection of the participant or non-functioning of the service due to incorrect use or ignorance of the use of services.

  1. Protection of personal data

The organizer will use personal data exclusively for the purpose of handing over the prize and any payment in advance of personal income tax in accordance with applicable regulations.

The organizer undertakes that the data provided by the winners will not be handed over to a third party or used in any other way contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, unless it is necessary for the implementation of the prize game and direct marketing.

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