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AzureFilm 3D printing filaments

Our world is colored in the blue color of the sky. The mysterious celestial blue, hidden in semi-precious stone lazurite, is
the color of inspiration and wisdom. The pigment is called ultramarine, which is the color of the Renaissance. The name for it was taken from this precious stone from the past.

Azure Film filaments comply with European directives EC No. 1935/2004, EC No. 2023/2006 in EC No. 10/2011 (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on plastic substances in contact with food products) relating to plastics and products in contact with food products and medicinal products. Also, dyes used for the manufacture of plastic threads comply with the rules of those European Directives.

The company AzureFilm has its own color palette of plastic threads (ie, 3D filaments). The color palette contains basic colors, but at your request, we can create a new color tint. PLA and ABS are the most used 3D filaments for the reason that PLA is useful in a wide range of 3D printing. Its advantage is that it is odorless, has a low base (low‑ warp) and does not need a HBP when printing. 3D filaments are manufactured in Slovenia and are of the highest quality. The filaments are of constant diameter 1.75 mm +/- 0.03 mm or 2.85 mm +/- 0.03 mm. They are made of non-recycled plastic. 3D filaments do not contain waste or air. The print threads are wound in straight positions, thus preventing complications during the printing. The 3d filament is made of various plastics such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexible (TPU, TPE), NYLON, PVA and PLA, LES filament (filament made of wood) and Strongman – PLA filament with additives that improve the properties of the filament. We also have technical instructions for all 3D filaments.




AzureFilm 3D printing filaments


AzureFilm 3D printing filaments