Fire ™ Temperature resistant PLA 1KG Silver


Fire ™ Temperature resistant PLA 1KG Silver

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PLA Fire filament net weight of 1 kg (2.2 lbs), welded on a reel of an outer diameter of 210 mm, with an inside opening of 60 mm diameter and a width of 62 mm. The filament is vacuum-sealed and contains a bag that absorbs moisture and allows the filament to remain fresh. The thickness of the PLA Fire filament is 1.75 mm and it is made in three different shades.

PLA Fire filament is the latest PLA filament and is tougher and more resistant to higher temperatures comparing to the ordinary PLA filament. It is printed similarly to plain PLA filament.
The PLA Fire filament has an improved temperature resistance at a temperature of 90-110 ° C. It also enhances flexibility and has twice the resistance of the ABS filament.

NOTE: If you want the material to be temperature-resistant, place it in the oven at a temperature of 90-120 ° C 10-15 minutes after the printing. After this process, the product will be temperature-resistant for at least 80 ° C more.
For good results, you must print at a temperature of 190-220 ° C, and the printing table should be heated to 50-60 ° C. Please note that the range in the print temperature may slightly differ depending on the use of other printers.

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Weight 1.34 kg
Dimensions 230 x 230 x 65 mm
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